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Meråker Business Park has been established as a support function for start-ups and in the first phase will function as a project coordinator and facilitator for entrepreneurs in a new industrial area.



Our goal is to operate an economically viable business which will maintain an optimal infrastructure in the business park which, in turn, will provide favourable framework conditions for the companies in the park.

This entails the company generating an income from the leasing of buildings, other infrastructure and other forms of leasing that will generate revenue to enable the facilities to be maintained and renewed. Thus, the company will help strengthen the competitiveness of businesses that become established in the business park.

Meråker municipality

  • A mountain district (2500 inhabitants) with a well-developed infrastructure:
    • Kindergartens
    • Primary and lower secondary school
    • Upper secondary school and sports school
    • Multi-purpose hall, handball hall, shooting hall
    • Local stores (grocery store, sports shop, post office, petrol stations, car repair shops, DIY store, café, church, etc.)
    • Hotels and restaurants
    • Bus and railway connection to Trondheim (approx. 70 minutes)
    • 50 minutes from Trondheim Airport Værnes
    • Medical centre, health centre,
    • Bank
  • Ski centre and Alpine facility (Fagerlia) with accommodation options.
  • A paradise for outdoor life in the mountains and forests
  • 20 km from Sweden (Storlien) with shops, hotels and Alpine facilities.
  • Read more about Meråker municipality here.

Industry in Kopperå – Establishment and growth

The following factors are favourable to establishing a business in Kopperå:

  • Meråker municipality is located in zone II, which means reduced employers' national insurance contributions (10.6%).
  • Industrial buildings suitable for new companies are built in accordance with the lessee's requirements and offer favourable financial support schemes.
  • Energy
    • Dedicated 22 kV line from Meråker with a maximum capacity of 14 MW (22 kV/400 V).
    • 132 kV line available. This is owned by NTE Electricity prices in accordance with the NTE pricing system
  • Construction-ready industrial plots and offices/warehouses/cloakrooms
    • 15,000 m² distributed over two sites comprising 7000 and 8000 m², respectively.
    • 400 m² warehouse with adjacent concrete surface for construction of industrial building of approx. 1000 m².
    • Offices and cloakroom with showers in a separate building of approx. 650 m²
  • Process water
    • Available upon request.
  • Harbour available in Muruvik (Owned by Arne Hernes AS)
    • 240 acre harbour area with four warehouses and bulk good storage and offices (7000 m² enclosed)
    • Deep-water harbour (depth 13 m, length 140 m) can take vessels up to 25,000 tonnes. ISPS approved
    • Bulk/mixed cargo harbour crane, capacity 20 tonnes.
    • Separate crane for loading/unloading containers from train/vehicles.
  • Railway connection
    • Muruvik–Kopperå (separate siding into the areas)
    • Trondheim–Hell–Meråker–Kopperå–Østersund
  • Manpower
    • Excellent access to all types of manpower.

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